NORTECH Engineering Corporation,one of the leading valve manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves,with the three manufacturing facilities:

(a)Tianjin Greatwall Flow valve,founded in 1999,one of the leading OEM manufacturer of butterfly valves and check valves for the top valve companies in West Europe and North America ,including the Hattersley(UK),Eriks(Netherlands),Oventrop(Germany),TTV(Spain),Sureflow equipments(Canada),IRS Industrie(Italy),Dorot automatic(Israel) etc.

(b)BH valve factory, state-owned factory founded in 1963,with capacity of 10,000 tons each year.one of the leading manufacturers of cast iron gate valves and check valves,especially for the big sizes,up tp DN1600.OEM manufacturer of valve parts for AVK.

(c)XH valve factory,founded in 1986,manufacturer of Cast steel and forged steel valves,full API series and DIN series. With multi-functional phys-chemical lab for futher quality control.full set of equipments for spectrum analyze, portable spectrograph(PMI),material test,impact test,hardness meter,tensile test,thickness meter,magnetic particle test,fugutive emission test and NDE testing equipment.


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